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Thomsonfly wis a Breetish airline, previously kent as Britannia an a business athin TUI UK prior tae September 2007. Follaein TUI UK mergin wi First Choice Holidays in September 2007 it became pairt o TUI Travel PLC. The new holiday company continued wi baith in-hoose airlines (Thomsonfly an First Choice Airways) through Winter 07 an Simmer 08 housomeivver frae 1 November 2008 it became Thomson Airways. Thomsonfly wis the lairgest chairter airline in the warld, an an' a' operatit scheduled services tae 20 European ceeties. The airline haed several bases includin Birmingham, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Coventry, Glasga, Liverpool, Lunnon Gatwick, Belfast, Lunnon Luton, Manchester, Newcastle an Doncaster-Sheffield.