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Thomas Dempster

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De Etruria Regali Libri VII

Thomas Dempster (23 August 1579[1] – 6 September 1625) wis a Scots scholart an historian.

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  1. But this date is disputit. Thomas said that he wis ane o 29 childer an belanged tae a set o treeplets, that seems an impossibility an for that thare is na ither evidence. A modren Dempster, James, raisons, on a wabsteid established bi him at [1] Archived 12 Februar 2012 at the Wayback Machine, that 9 is a plausible feegur. As it haes been established bi ither documentation that Thomas wis the third son, fowert bairn, an that his paurents war mairied in 1568, allouin an interval o 18 months James arrives at 1574 or 1575, that maks Thomas conseederably less precocious. Houiver, this airticle, follaein the soorces on that it is based, presumes a birth at 1579.