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The Weather Channel

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The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel logo (2005–present)
LaunchedMey 2, 1982; 42 years ago (1982-05-02)
Ained biLandmark Communications (1982–2008)
Consortium made up of The Blackstone Group, Bain Capital, and NBCUniversal (2008–)[1]
Pictur format1080i (HDTV)
1080i (SDTV; letterboxed with weather information)
SloganIt's Amazing Out There (main)
Where You Get Your Weather Matters (current promotional campaign)
KintraUnited States
Broadcast aurieUnited States, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and The Bahamas[2]
HeidquartersAtlanta, Georgia
Seester channel(s)Weatherscan
Local Now
K34HO-D (channel 34)
K50DB-D (channel 50)
Dish Network214 (HD/SD)
  • 362 (HD/SD)
  • 1362 (On Demand)
Available on most US cable providersContact your provider for information.
AT&T U-verse
  • 225 (SD)
  • 1225 (HD)
Sky Angel320
  • 225 (SD)
  • 1225 (HD)
Streamin media
OneLink Communications96
Sling TVLocal Now service only

The Weather Channel is a televeesion chaniel that is shawn on telly in the Unitit States. The Weather Channel shaws telly shaws aboot the wather an wather-relatit news aw day. The Weather Channel is maist aft filmit ben a studio close tae Atlanta, Georgie in the Unitit States, bit no mony bodies wirkin thair gaes tae the place that the wather is happenin tae film it. The Weather Channel haes radio stances, wittins blad, an wabsteids an aw. The Weather Channel will be shawn in High Defenition frae September 2007.


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