The Sacred Heart Church

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Sacred Heart Church.

The Sacred Heart Church is a Catholic kirk locatit in Wigtoun on Sooth Main Street. It is a kirk o the Roman Catholic Diocese o Gallowa.

A Gothic early Inglis style, brick kirk bi Edinburgh airchitect John Garden Brown biggit in 1879.[1]

Cruciform wi a bellcote on the sooth gable, it consists o a nave, apse, north an sooth transepts, sacristy an seats aboot 300. The altar wis made bi M. Poussielgue-Rusand, o Paris. The tot cost o the building wis aboot £1,500.

The fower lancet windaes oan the facade support a niche containing a statue o the Lord Jesus Christ.

The kirk is yin o anly twa biggins, baith kirks, kennt tae hae been biggit bi the architect, whae deid age 27.

The kirk is forby uist as a venue throu the Wigtown Book Festival.

It is listed Category C(S)

Interior, Sacred Heart, Wigtoun

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Coordinates: 54°52′06″N 4°26′28″W / 54.868232°N 4.441091°W / 54.868232; -4.441091 Archived 2019-08-25 at the Wayback Machine

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