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The Just Joans

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The Just Joans
OreiginGlesga, Scotland
GenresIndie pop
Years active
  • 2005-present
  • Fika Recordings
  • WeePOP! Records
  • Ivan Lendil Music
Associate acts
  • David Pope
  • Katie Pope
  • Chris Elkin
  • Fraser Ford
  • Arion Xenos
  • Jason Sweeney
Past members
  • Doog Cameron
  • Rowan Smith
  • Allan Whyte
  • Kevin Brown
  • Kevin Carroll

The Just Joans are a Scots Indie pop baund frae Motherwal, formed in 2005. They kythed frae the thrivin Motherwal muicic scene intae Glesga when they played thair debut gig at the Tchai-Ovna as pairt of The Plimptons' raiglar muisic an comedy nicht on 4t May 2006.[1]

Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Studio albums
  • Last Tango in Motherwell (2005, self-released/2006, Ivan Lendil Music)
  • Buckfast Bottles in The Rain (2012, WeePOP! Records)
  • You Might Be Smiling Now... (2017, Fika Recordings)
  • The Private Memoirs and Confessions of The Just Joans (2020, Fika Recordings)
Live albums
  • Live At The Oast (2020)
  • Virgin Lips (2007, Wee POP! Records)
  • Hey Boy...You're Oh So Sensitive!" (2008, Wee POP! Records)
  • Love And Other Hideous Accidents (2009, Wee POP! Records)
  • Your Pain is a Joke Next To Mines (2010, Wee POP! Records)
  • Seasonal Greet (2010, Wee POP! Records)
  • 6.9 Love Songs (2013, Wee POP! Records)
  • "No Longer Young Enough" (2017, Fika Recordings)
  • "Has Anybody Seen My Boy?" / "Who Does Susan Think She Is?" (2018, Fika Recordings)
  • "Dear Diary, I Died Again Today" (2019, Fika Recordings)
  • "The One I Loathe The Least" (2019, Fika Recordings)
  • "Wee Guys (Bobby's Got a Punctured Lung)" (2019, Fika Recordings)

Soorces[eedit | eedit soorce]

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