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Tchai-Ovna House of Tea
Ootside area (nou closed) an umwhile ingang tae Tchai-Ovna, whilk efterhin hed a new ingang
Location42 Otago Lane, Glesga, Scotland
Genre(s)Fowk, Indie, Comedy, Poetry
Appent7 Mey 2000
Closed31 Julie 2023

Tchai-Ovna (kent as The Tchai-Ovna House of Tea an aa) wis a tea room an muisic venue locatit in Glesga, Scotland. It wis foondit in 2000 bi twa brithers fae Glesga Varsity, the Fell brithers.[1] As a wee seated venue it wis seen as a steppin stane fir amateur sangsters an musicians.[2] It wis shut doon in Julie 2023, efter mair nor 23 year.[3]

As a tea room, they served mair nor aichty types o tea frae aw the warld an serrt heichly rated vegan scran.[4]

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