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The Doors wis a rock baund, foondit in Julie 1965 in Los Angeles, it disappearit in 1973, twa years efter the daith o the singer Jim Morrison. They were apart bat relatit tae the Psychedelic rock muisic.

Compasition[eedit | eedit soorce]

The origin o the Doors-the Onfaw[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Doors are sae ca'd acause o a sentence o the greit painter an makar William Blake : « If the doors o perception were cleansit, every thing would appear tae Man as it is: infinite ». In June 1966, the baund signs a contract wi the Disk editor Elektra (representit bi Jack Holzman) : the baund will colaborate far at least six albums. In July, in a performance o The Doors in the Whiskey A Go Go, Jim Morrison, wha haes swallawit LSD, an surely inspired bi Freud's writins on Œdipe complexus, improvises lyrics on the muisical central section o the song The End : « Father. Yes son ? I want to kill you. Mother, I want to fuck you all night long » (« Faether? -Yes son? -I want tae kill ye. Mither, I want tae tail-toddle wi ye aw' necht lang»). Scandal: the boss o the Whiskey A Go Go put The Doors oot without lettin thaim end. This is the onfaw o the Legend o Jim Morrison.

Straunge Days[eedit | eedit soorce]

In October 1967, the album The Doors an the single song Light My Fire become baith Golden disks. The relees, at same time, o the seicond album, Straunge Days, contribute tae maintain the group on the hilichts. Straunge Days says, thru som titles, a sense o badness, o loss o identity, o loneliness (Straunge Days ; Ye're Lost, Little Lass; People Are Straunge). Apparently songs mair romantic (Love Me Two Times ; Moonlight Drive ; My Eyes Have Seen You) let see a sense o emergency, o imminencie. Horse Latitudes, a poem written bi Jim Morrison in his Highschool latter years, he describes the fear o horse that are pushit in the seas, acause o the heaviness o the vessel. The disk ends, firstonelike, on a lang composition almost apocalyptic.

Complex identity o The Doors please thousands o young Americans wha recognize thaimselves in the revolt said bi muisic an the lyrics o the baund, the muivment o the "Protest songs".

Jim Morrison is reputed tae be a drugged man, an alcoholic an a maledict makar. Jim Morrison does some fremd, some unco performance : the fift December 1967, in a concert in New Haven, Morrison stops singin in hawf a song, sits in the scene, barns a cigarette, an while public is silent, the singer begins tae say that, just affore the stairt o the concert, he was in the loge wi a rash, a policeman took him far a bad intentioned guy an placit on him irritatin gaz. Morrison says tae fowk lisnin : « Thair motto is Tae protect an tae serve ». Sae, a policeman comes tae arrest Morrison far trouble. The public indignates hamself, bat disperse in the calm. The 10t Mey 1968, in Chicago, Morrison gangs farther an transforms the concert in a riot.

Desinterestit becomes Morrison[eedit | eedit soorce]

Jim Morrison became tae disinterest hamself tae rock'n'roll muisic in the end o the years 60. In The Soft Parade, he just writes four songs, the ither written bi Krieger. He becomes nervous wi the lyrics o the song "tell the peepole (take yer gun)". He says he doesn't mean tae invite the fowks takin thair guns, an wants fowk tae ken he didnae write this song.

Daith o Jim Morrison[eedit | eedit soorce]

He exiles in Paris in Mairch 1971, wi his mate Pamela Courson, (she died in 1974), Jim Morrison wants tae forget the Unitit States o Americae, his ain image o rock star, far tae just poeeticly create. He wants tae forget Los Angeles an Miami law-plea whilk scunnert him. Efter the tragical daiths o Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, he thinks bein the naist ane o the leet. Bat far him, Paris is an enlichted ceety, the paitrie o numerous greit writers an makars. Jim Morrison is seekin a new depairt. Haes he laved the Doors afore goin tae Fraunce? We dinnae ken, but shure he projected tae write a new disk when he'll come again, puisqu’il envisage, dès son retour, l’écriture d’un nouveau disque. When John Densmore phones him tae say their last album L.A. Woman hae just been Golden disk, he is relly merry. He died in the necht frae the 2t tae the 3 o 1971. Som fowks woud say he died in an overdose o heroin, but everyone agree wi the drug-overdose (as a cause o his daith). He is nou buried in the Père Lachaise (Faither Lachaise) cemetery in Paris.

The Doors efter Morrison[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter Morrison, the Doors hae difficulty tae continue. Krieger an Manzarek tried aloot o times tae begin again the story o the Doors, but athoot the support o the public.