The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A

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The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A is the aicht studio album bi thrash metal baund Exodus, released on October 23, 2007. This is the seicont album featuring Rob Dukes on vocals, but it an aa marks the seicont comeback o langtime original Exodus drummer Tom Hunting. Hunting's last appearance wis on Exodus's 2004 album Tempo of the Damned. This an aa is the seicont Exodus album tae feature Lee Altus on guitars.

The name o the album is the same as a planned album that wis tae be released bi the Los Angeles thrash metal ootfit Dark Angel in 1992.

Guitarist Gary Holt haes statit it is named "Exhibit A" acause Exodus haed planned tae release "Exhibit B" suin efterward.

On October 17 the entire album wis uploadit on the baund's MySpace page, housomeivver, mony o the fowk that pre-ordered the album frae CM Distro received it on October 19.

The single released frae the album wis "Funeral Hymn". There wis an aa a muisic video released for "Riot Act".[1]

The sang "Riot Act" wis released as DLC for the video game Rock Band 2 via the Rock Band Network on Juin 6, 2010.

Trackleet[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aw sangs bi Holt unless statit.

  1. "Call to Arms" – 1:33
  2. "Riot Act" – 3:37
  3. "Funeral Hymn" – 8:38
  4. "Children of a Worthless God" – 8:25 (Holt, Dukes, Altus)
  5. "As It Was, as It Soon Shall Be" – 5:16
  6. "The Atrocity Exhibition" – 10:33
  7. "Iconoclasm" – 7:54
  8. "The Garden of Bleeding" – 5:49
  9. "Bedlam 1-2-3" – 19:51
  10. "Secret Track" – 0:06

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

The sang Bedlam 1-2-3 fades slowly an ends at 7:57 follaed bi 10 mins. 10 secs. o total silence. At 18:08 (wi 1:43 left tae go) an extremely country influenced sang begins which is a country style version o the title sang frae their 1985 debut album Bonded by Blood. For the extremely country soond o the sang it wis nicknamed "Bonded By Banjo" or sometimes "Banjoed By Blood."

The sang ends wi a "Yeehaw!" heard in the backgrund follaed bi an untitled 6 second hidden track whaur you can hear iver so slichtly in the backgrund someane screamin "That was some heavy shit!" in a barely audible gibberish soondin voice. The exact breakdoun o the 19:51 sang Bedlam 1-2-3 is as follaes:

  • Bedlam 1-2-3: 0:00 - 7:57
  • Silence: 7:58 - 18:07
  • Bonded By Banjo: 18:08 - 19:51

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