Thalia Pellegrini

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Thalia Pellegrini
Born (1978-08-16) 16 August 1978 (age 42)
Thriftteleveesion presenter

Thalia Pellegrini (born 16 August 1978, Lunnon) is a Breetish televeesion presenter.

She graduatit frae the University of Cambridge wi a degree in Inglis studies.[1] She presents programmes includin CBBC's Newsround, Short Change, Fast Track and has reported for the BBC's Holiday programme. She muivit tae Sheffield in 2005 whaur her dochters Natalie an Emma live. She appeared in hauf the episodes in the last saison o Your News. As o Mey 2009, she appears anerlie in Fast Track, dealin wi travel news.

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