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State o Venezuela
[[File:{{{image_flag}}}|100px|border|Banner o {{{official_name}}}]]
[[File:{{{image_shield}}}|{{{coa_size}}}px|Coat o airms o {{{official_name}}}]]
Coat o airms
Motto(s): {{{motto}}}
[[File:{{{image_map}}}|250px|Location within Venezuela]]
Location within Venezuela
Kintra Venezuela
{{{established_title}}} {{{established_date}}}
 • Total 1 km2 (0.4 sq mi)
Aurie rank {{{area_rank}}}
  {{{area_percentage}}}% of Venezuela
Population ({{{population_as_of}}})
 • Tot 0
 • Rank {{{population_rank}}}
 • Density 0.0/km2 (0.0/sq mi)
  {{{population_percentage}}}% o Venezuela
Time zone UTC-04:00
ISO 3166 code {{{iso_code}}}
Emblematic tree {{{emblematic_tree}}} ({{{binomial_name}}})
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