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This high-risk template has been protected from editing to prevent vandalism. (protection log).
Please talk ower chynges on the collogue page or request unprotection. Ye can uise {{editprotected}} on the collogue page tae speir at an admeenistrator tae mak a chynge for ye.

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Documentation/doc.

For templates please uise the templates available at Wikipedia:Templates for discussion. Template:Merge partner


or <noinclude>{{documentation|template:any page}}<noinclude>

The template automatically displays a documentation box like you are seeing now.

This code should be added at the bottom of the template code, with no extra space before "<noinclude>" (which would cause extra space on pages where the template is used). The first parameter can be used as shown above to transclude an arbitrary documentation page.


If the documentation page doesn't exist, the "edit" link includes a preload parameter so that clicking it will pre-fill the edit form with the basic documentation page format. The header depends on the namespace; for example, it will display "Template documentation" in the template namespace.


This template allows any page to use any documentation page, and makes it possible to protect templates while allowing anyone to edit the template's documentation, categories, and interwiki links. It also reduces server resources by circumventing a technical limitation of templates (see a developer's explanation).

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