Tay Road Brig

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Tay Road Brig
Tay Road Brig frae Ceety Quay, Dundee
The Tay Road Brig, viewed wi Dundee in the backgrund.
Coordinates56°27′07″N 2°56′53″W / 56.452°N 2.948°W / 56.452; -2.948Coordinates: 56°27′07″N 2°56′53″W / 56.452°N 2.948°W / 56.452; -2.948
CarriesMotor vehicles, cyclists an pedestrians
4 lanes o A92
CrossesFirth of Tay
Offeecial nameTay Road Brig
Mainteened biTay Road Brig Jynt Buird
DesignWilliam A Fairhurst
Tot lenth2,250 metre (1.4 mi)
Opened18 August 1966
TollFree since 11 Februar 2008
Tay Road Brig is locatit in Fife
Tay Road Brig
Red pog.svg Tay Road Brig shawn within Fife
grid reference NY941646

The Tay Road Brig cairies the A92 road athort the Firth o Tay frae Newport-on-Tay in Fife tae Dundee in Scotland, juist dounstream o the Tay Rail Brig. At aroond 2,250 metre (1.4 mi), it is ane o the langest road brigs in Europe, an wis opened in 1966, replacin the auld Tay ferry.

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