Tautovo, Chuvashie

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Coordinates: 55°42′27″N 46°37′40″E / 55.70750°N 46.62778°E / 55.70750; 46.62778

Tautovo (Roushie: Таутово; Chuvash: Тавӑт, Tavăt) is a landwart locality (a veelage) in Alikovsky Destrict o Chuvashie, (Roushie), locatit 10 kilometer (6.2 mi) frae the destrict's admeenistrative centre o Alikovo. The veelage is the admeenistrative centre o Tautovskoye Landwart Dounset, ane o the municipal formations o Alikovsky Destrict.

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