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Tatev Monastery
The Tatev Monastery complex an its fortifications
AffiliationArmenie Apostolic Kirk
LocationTatev veelage, Syunik Province, Armenie
Tatev is located in Armenie
Shawn within Armenie
Geografic coordinates39°22′46″N 46°15′00″E / 39.379367°N 46.250031°E / 39.379367; 46.250031Coordinates: 39°22′46″N 46°15′00″E / 39.379367°N 46.250031°E / 39.379367; 46.250031
Grundbrakin8t century
The monastery c. 1920

The Tatev Monastery (Armenie: Տաթևի վանք) is a 9t-century monastery located on a lairge basalt plateau near the Tatev veelage in Syunik Province in sootheastren Armenie. The term "Tatev" uisually refers tae the monastery. The monastic ensemble staunds on the edge o a deep gorge o the Vorotan River. Tatev is kent as the bishopric seat o Syunik an played a significant role in the history o the region as a centre o economic, poleetical, spiritual an cultural activity.

In the 14t an 15t centuries Tatev Monastery hostit ane o the maist important Armenie medieval varsities, the Varsity o Tatev, which contributit tae the advancement o science, releegion an filosofie, reproduction o beuks an development o miniature pentin. Scholars o the Tatev Varsity contributit tae the preservation o Armenie cultur an creed durin ane o its maist turbulent periods in its history.

The monastery is the "best-kent steid" in Syunik.[1] Wings o Tatev, a cablewey frae Tatev tae Halidzor veelage wis opened in October 2010.[2][3] It wis includit in the Guinness World Records as warld's "langest nan-stop double track cable caur."[4]

Etymology[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae tradition, Tatev Monastery is namit efter Eustateus, a disciple o St. Thaddeus the Apostle, who preached an wis martyred in this region. His name haes evolvit tae Tatev.[5]

Popular etymologie includes a legend tellin o a event that is tee'd tae the construction o the main kirk, whaur a apprentice secretly climbs tae the top o its steeple intendin tae place a cross o his awn design. Housomeivver, the apprentice is spottit bi his maister durin his strynd. Shockit bi his discovery, the apprentice luises his fuithauld and faws intae the abyss as he caws upon God tae grant him wings, which, in Armenie is: “Ta Tev”.[6]

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  • Tatevi Anapat, a nearbi 17t century Armenie monastery in the Vorotan Valley gorge directly belaw Tatev
  • Wings o Tatev, the warld's langest non-stop double track aerial tramway that leads to the monastery

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