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Tamesna is a new ceety creatit atween Rabat, Temara, Skhirat an Ain Aouda, in Morocco. The idea became offeecial on Julie 22, 2004.

The goal is tae relieve Rabat o its growin urbanization. The new ceety will hae access tae the Casablanca-Rabat expressway, as well as opportunity for better plannin o infrastructur.

It is being planned jointly atween the Keeng o Morocco an mony private developers frae several kintras. Mony Moroccan ceeties are owercroudit an Tamesna will provide hoosin for the new middle classes o the aurie, wi modren accommodation an muckle needit licht industry an commercial auries. Tamesna will hae mony pairks an green auries. Ane o the developments being planned is Les Collines, which is a JV atween Mandarine Holdings an the Moroccan govrenment, an will provide 1, 2 an 3 bedroom apairtments in 12 blocks close the pairk an commercial an shoppin auries.

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Coordinates: 33°49′N 6°55′W / 33.817°N 6.917°W / 33.817; -6.917