Takeshi Kitano

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Takeshi Kitano
Native name 北野 武
Born (1947-01-18) 18 Januar 1947 (age 72)
Adachi, Tokyo, Japan
Ither names Beat Takeshi
Alma mater Meiji Varsity
Thrift Comedian, televeesion personality, film director, actor, author, screenwriter, film editor, sangster, penter
Years active 1972–present
Hauf-marrae(s) Mikiko Kitano
Relatives Hideshi Matsuda (brother-in-law)
Awairds Golden Lion (1997)
Signatur Takeshi Kitano Signature.svg

Takeshi Kitano (北野 武, Kitano Takeshi, born 18 Januar 1947) is a Japanese comedian, televeesion personality, director, actor, author, an screenwriter. While he is kent primarily as a comedian an TV host in his native Japan, abroad he is kent awmaist entirely for his filmwirk. Wi the exception o his wirks as a film director, he is kent awmaist exclusively bi the stage name Beat Takeshi (ビートたけし, Bīto Takeshi).