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Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge
(Reguidit frae T:TDYK)

Thes page is fur nominations tae appear in the "did ye know" section oan the main page. fur the discussion page see wt:dyk. nominations 'at hae bin approved ur moved tae a stagin' area, frae which the articles ur promoted intae the queue.

The current version ay the dyk template is below:

Frae a collection o Wikipedia's airticles:

Instructions fur nominators[eedit soorce]

Create a subpage fur yer new dyk suggestion an' 'en list the page belaw under the date the article was created ur the expansion began ur it becam a guid article (not the date ye submit it here), wi' the newest dates at the bottom. Onie registered user main nominate a dyk suggestion (if ye arenae a registered user, please lae a message at the bottom ay the dyk project gab page wi' the details ay the article ye woods loch tae nominate an' the hook ye woods loch tae propose); self-nominations ur permitted an' encooraged. cheers fur participatin' an' please min' tae check back fur comments oan yer nomination (consider watchlistin' yer nomination page).