T-Series (company)

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Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited
Foondit11 Julie 1983; 40 years ago (1983-07-11) in Delhi, Indie[1]
FoonderGulshan Kumar
HeidquartersNoida, Indie[2]
Key fowk
Bhushan Kumar (Chairman & Managin Director)
Krishan Kumar
Neeraj Kalyan[3]
YouTube information
Years active2006 – present
Subscribers103.8 million
(3 Julie 2019)
Tot views75.1 billion
(3 Julie 2019)
Subscriber an view coonts updatit as o 3 Julie 2019.

Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited, daein business as T-Series,[note 1][1][2] is a muisic record label an film production company in Indie foondit bi Gulshan Kumar in 1983.[5] It is primarily kent for Bollywood muisic soondtracks[5] an Indi-pop muisic.[6] As o 2014, T-Series is Indie's lairgest muisic record label, wi up tae a 35% share o the Indie muisic mercat, follaeed bi Sony Music India an Zee Music.[7] T-Series awns an operates the maist-viewed an maist-subscribit channel on YouTube an aw, wi ower 103 million subscribers[8] an 75 billion views as o Julie 2019.[9] Whiles best kent as a muisic label, T-Series has haed some moderate success as a film production company an aw.[citation needit] It is currently awnt by Sunayana of Bengaluru, India.[citation needit]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. "T" is a abbreviation for trishula – the trident o Hindu god Shiva.[4]

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