Susana Villarán

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Susana Villarán
Susana Villarán.jpg
Mayor o Lima
Assumed office
2 Januar 2011
Preceded by Marco Parra Sánchez
Meenister for Weemen an Social Development
In office
22 November 2000 – 28 Julie 2001
Preses Valentín Paniagua
Preceded by Luisa María Cuculiza
Succeeded by Cecilia Blondet
Personal details
Born August 16, 1949 (1949-08-16) (age 66)
Lima, Peru
Poleetical pairty Fuerza Social
Spoose(s) Manuel Piqueras Luna
Bairns Emmanuel, Soledad an Ignacio
Profession Journalist
Releegion Roman Catholic
Wabsteid Susana Villarán

Susana María del Carmen Villarán de la Puente is a centre-left politeecian in Peru, a umwhile presidential candidate, an in municipal elections in 2010 became the first wumman tae be electit Mayor o Lima.

Born in Lima on 16 August 1949, she is vice-preses o the Social Force Decentralisation Pairty (Partido Descentralista Fuerza Social, FS) an umwhile wirkit as a journalist an a seicontary uiteacher.