Susana Villarán

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Susana Villarán
Susana Villarán.jpg
Mayor o Lima
Assumed office
2 Januar 2011
Precedit bi Marco Parra Sánchez
Meenister for Weemen an Social Development
In office
22 November 2000 – 28 Julie 2001
Preses Valentín Paniagua
Precedit bi Luisa María Cuculiza
Succeeded by Cecilia Blondet
Personal details
Born August 16, 1949 (1949-08-16) (age 66)
Lima, Peru
Poleetical pairty Fuerza Social
Profession Journalist
Wabsteid Susana Villarán

Susana María del Carmen Villarán de la Puente is a centre-left politeecian in Peru, a umwhile presidential candidate, an in municipal elections in 2010 became the first wumman tae be electit Mayor o Lima.

Born in Lima on 16 August 1949, she is vice-preses o the Social Force Decentralisation Pairty (Partido Descentralista Fuerza Social, FS) an umwhile wirkit as a journalist an a seicontary uiteacher.