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The Suebi or Suevi wur a lairge group o Germanic fowks who wur first mentioned bi Julius Caesar in connection wi Ariovistus' campaign in Gaul, c. 58 BC.[1] While Caesar treatit them as ane Germanic tribe, tho the lairgest an maist warlik, later authors such as Tacitus, Pliny an Strabo specified that the Suevi "dae nae, lik the Chatti or Tencteri, constitute a single naition. Thay actually occupy mair nor hauf o Germany, an are dividit intae a nummer o distinct tribes unner distinct names, tho aw generally are cried Suebi".[2] "At ane time, classical ethnography haed applied the name "Suebi" tae so mony Germanic tribes that it appeared as tho in the first centuries C.E. this native name would replace the foreign name "Germans"."[3]

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