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Statue o Unity
Statue of Unity.jpg
Statue o Unity is locatit in Gujarat
Statue o Unity
Location o the Statue o Unity in Gujarat
Statue o Unity is locatit in Indie
Statue o Unity
Statue o Unity (Indie)
Coordinates 21°50′17″N 73°43′09″E / 21.8380°N 73.7191°E / 21.8380; 73.7191Coordinates: 21°50′17″N 73°43′09″E / 21.8380°N 73.7191°E / 21.8380; 73.7191
Location Narmada destrict, Gujarat, India
Designer Ram V. Sutar
Teep Statue
Material Steel framin, reinforcit concrete, bronze claddin[1]
  • Statue: 182 metres (597 ft)
  • Includin base: 240 metres (790 ft)[1]
Beginnin date 31 October 2013 (2013-10-31)
Appenin date 31 October 2018; 12 months ago (2018-10-31)
Dedicatit tae Indie

The Statue o Unity is a statue o Indie statesman an foondin faither Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (18751950) in the Narmada destrict o Gujarat, Indie. It currently hauds the record for the warld's tawest statue, wi a hicht o 182 metres (597 ft) or aboot fower times as taw as the Statue o Liberty.[2][3] Vallabhbhai Patel wis ane o the maist prominent leaders o the Indie unthirldom muivement, an the first Deputy Prime Meenister o Indie. The statue is on a river-island facin the Narmada Dam (an aw cried as Sardar Sarovar dam) near Rajpipla, 100 kilometres sootheast of the ceety o Vadodara.

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