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Stanley Robertson

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Stanley Robertson
Stanley Robertson tellin a sonnet at the Barrie Nicht in the Aberdeen Arts Centre on the 26t Januar 2004
BornWilliam Stanley Robertson
8 June 1940
Aiberdeen, Scotland
Dee'd2t August 2009
Aiberdeen, Scotland
Restin place
Old Lumphanan Kirkyard, Aberdeenshire
ThriftSangster, sangwriter, upmakker
Years active1950s–2009
Hauf-marrae(s)Johnanne Robertson
BairnsAnthony, Clifford, Dale, Gabrielle, Nicole an Robert

Stanley Robertson (8 June 1940 – 2 August 2009[1]) wis a Scots upmakker, ballad sangster, an piper.

He wis born in Aberdeen in 1940[2] intae a Traiveller faimlie at haed sattlet yonder. Frae his untie (fowk sangstress Jeannie Robertson) an ithers amang fam his faither,[3] he wis heir tae a repertoire repertoire o northeast ballads.[4] He wis the keywirker for the Heritage Lottery-foonit "Oral and Cultural Traditions of Scottish Travellers" project at the Elphinstone Institute o Aiberdeen Varsity, frae April 2002 til April 2005.[5]

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