St Andras Castle

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St. Andrews Castle
St. Andras, Fife, Scotland
General view of castle from SE.jpg
St Andrews castle ruins
St. Andrews Castle is locatit in Scotland
St. Andrews Castle
St. Andrews Castle
Coordinates 56°20′N 2°47′W / 56.34°N 2.79°W / 56.34; -2.79
Site information
Owner Historic Scotland
Controlled bi Beeshops o St Andras
Open tae
the public
Condeetion Ruined
Site history
Biggit c.1200
Biggit bi Roger de Beaumont
In use Till c.1689
Materials stone

St Andra's Castle is a picturesque ruin locatit in the coastal Ryal Burgh o St Andras in Fife, Scotland.