Spaingie immigration tae Mexico

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Mexican o Spaingie strynd
Mexicano de ascendencia española
Charrería in Mexico
Tot population
(100,782 Spaingie naitionals (2013) [1]
est. 15,000,000 Mexicans o Spaingie ancestry o varyin degrees (10% o population))
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Aw regions o Mexico
Spaingie · Minority speaks Galicie · Catalan · Basque
Predominantly Roman Catholicism,
an aw Sephardic Judaism an Irreleegion
Relatit ethnic groups
Spaingie · White Laitin American

A Spaingie Mexican is ony ceetizen or resident o Mexico who sel-identifees as Spaingie.

Spaingie immigration tae Mexico began in 1519 an spans tae the present day.[2]

The first Spaingie dounset wis established in Februar 1519, as a result o the laundin o Hernán Cortés in the Yucatan Peninsula, accompaniet bi aboot 11 ships, 500 men, 13 horse an a smaw nummer o cannons.[3] In Mairch 1519, Cortés formally claimit the laund for the Spaingie croun, an the conquest o the Aztec Empire, a key event in the Spaingie conquest o modren-day Mexico in general, wis completit in 1521.

Arrival o the Spaingie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The social composition o this immigration o the late saxteent hunderyear includit baith common fowk, illeeterate as aristocrats wi titles o coonts an marquises, aw o which quickly disintegratit ower the territory.

The discovery o new deposits o various minerals in the central an northren aurie (frae Sonora tae the soothren province o Mexico) alloued New Spain gradually occupee a privilegit position, especially in the extraction o siller. Minin alloued the development o associatit activities, especially the manufacturs an agricultur, that turned the Bajío region or the valleys o Mexico an Puebla in prosperous agricultural regions an incipient industrial activity.

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