Sophie Scholl

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Sophie Scholl
BornSophia Magdalena Scholl
9 Mey 1921(1921-05-09)
Forchtenberg, Germany
Dee'd22 Februar 1943(1943-02-22) (aged 21)
Stadelheim Prison, Munich, Germany
Restin place
Perlacher Friedhof, Munich
48°05′50″N 11°35′58″E / 48.097344°N 11.59949°E / 48.097344; 11.59949
Alma materLudwig Maximilian Varsity o Munich
ThriftStudent, resistance member
PawrentsRobert Scholl
Magdalena Müller
KinInge Scholl (sister)
Hans Scholl (brither)

Sophia Magdalena Scholl (9 Mey 1921 – 22 Februar 1943) wis a German student an anti-Nazi poleetical activist, active within the White Rose non-violent reseestance group in Nazi Germany.[1][2]

She wis convictit o heich traison efter haein been foond distributin anti-war leaflets at the Varsity o Munich (LMU) wi her brither Hans. As a result, thay war baith executit bi guillotine. Syne the 1970s, Scholl haes been extensively commemoratti for her anti-Nazi reseestance wirk.

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