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Soothren Sami leid

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Soothren Sami is the soothwastren-maist o the Sami leids. It is a seriously endangered leid; the last strangholds o this leid are the municipalities o Snåsa an Hattfjelldal in Norawa. There are approximately 2000 fowk considered ethnically Soothren Sami in Norawa an Swaden, but ae approximately 600 o them can fluently speak the leid.

Writin seestem[eedit | eedit soorce]

Soothren Sami is ane o the sax Sami leids that haes an offeecial written leid, but ae a few books hae been published for the leid, ane o which is a guid-size Soothren Sami-Norse dictionary.

Soothren Sami uises the latin alphabet: A/a, B/b, D/d, E/e, F/f, G/g, H/h, I/i, (Ï/ï), J/j, K/k, L/l, M/m, N/n, O/o, P/p, R/r, S/s, T/t, U/u, V/v, Y/y, Æ/æ, Ø/ø, Å/å

An alternative orthography replaces Æ/æ with Ä/ä and Ø/ø with Ö/ö. The variants Ä/ä, Ö/ö are uised in Swaden, Æ/æ, Ø/ø in Norrowey, in accordance wi the uisage in Swadish an Norse. The Ï/ï represents a back version o I/i, mony texts daena distinguish atween the twa.

C/c, Q/q, W/w, X/x, Z/z are uised in wirds o foreign oreegin.

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