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Smidovich (Roushie: Смидович) is an urban locality (an urban-teep dounset) an the admeenistrative centre o Smidovichsky Destrict o the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Roushie. Population: 5,905 (2002 Census);[1] 6,646 (1989 Census).[2]

It is an early Jewish settlement, which wis foondit in 1928[3] namit efter Pyotr Smidovich who, alang wi Mikhail Kalinin, came up wi the idea tae foond the Jewish Autonomous Oblast.[4] As o 2004, Smidovich haes an amateur Yiddish theatre.[5]

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Coordinates: 48°35′59″N 133°47′48″E / 48.5997°N 133.7967°E / 48.5997; 133.7967