Slovenie Airmed Forces

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Slovenie Airmed Forces
Slovenska vojska
Sign of Slovenian Army.svg
Slovenie Airmy emblem
Flag of the Slovenian Armed Forces.svg
Flag of the Slovenian Armed Forces

Anthem of the Slovenian Army:
Foondit1991; 30 years ago (1991)
Service branchesSlovenie Grund Force
Slovenian Air Force an Air Defence
Slovenian Navy
Commander-in-ChiefTemplate:Current preses o Slovenie
Meenister o DefenceKarel Erjavec
Chief o the General StaffMajor general Alenka Ermenc
ConscriptionAbolished in 2003
Fit for
militar service
402,484 (2009 est.) [1], age 16-49
Active personnel~6,700 [2] (as of May 2018)
Reserve personnel~1,000 (contract reserve soldiers)
Budget€508 million ($581 million) (2019)[3]
Percent o GDP1.04% (2019)[3]
Relatit airticles
HistorySlovenie War o Unthirldom
Slovenie Territorial Defence
RanksSlovenie military ranks

The Slovenie Airmed Forces or Slovenie Airmy (Slovene: Slovenska vojska; SAF/SV) are the airmed forces o Slovenie. Syne 2003, it is organised as a fully professional staundin airmy. The Commander-in-Chief o the SAF is the Preses o the Republic o Slovenie (Borut Pahor), while operational command is in the domain o the Chief o the General Staff o the Slovenie Airmed Forces.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Slovene sodgers during the Austro-Slovene conflict in Carinthia, 1919

The militar history o Slovenie spans less nor a hundred years. Follaein the disintegration o the Austrick-Hungarian Empire at the end o Warld War I, the Duchy o Styria wis diveedit atween the newly established states o German Austrick an the State o Slovenes, Croats an Serbs. Rudolf Maister, a Slovene major o the umwhile Austrick-Hungarian Airmy, liberatit the toun o Maribor in November 1918 an claimed it for the State o Slovenes, Croats an Serbs. Efter a short fecht wi German Austrick provisional units, the current border wis established, which maistly follaed the ethnic-linguistic diveedit atween Slovenes an ethnic Germans in Styria.

The current Slovenie Airmed Forces are descendit frae the Slovenie Territorial Defence (Teritorialna Obramba Republike Slovenije; or Slovene TO), formed in 1991 bi fusion o Territorial Defence (formed in 1968 as a paramilitar complement tae the regular airmy o the umwhile Yugoslav athin the territory o Slovenie) wi secret alternative command structure, kent as the Manoeuvre Structures o Naitional Protection (Manevrska struktura narodne zaščite, or MSNZ), which wis an existin but antiquatit institution, (unique tae Slovenie), intendit tae enable the republic tae form an ad hoc defence structure, akin tae a Naitional Gaird. It wis o negligible importance prior tae 1990, wi antiquatit wappens an few members.

When Slovenie declared unthirldom at the onset o the Yugoslav Wars in 1991, the Slovenian Territorial Defence an the Slovenie police comprised the majority o forces engagin the Yugoslav Fowk's Airmy durin the Ten-Day War. The Slovenie Airmed Forces wur formally established in 1993 as a reorganisation o the Slovenie Territorial Defence Force.

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