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Borut Pahor
Borut Pahor 2010.jpg
Preses o Slovenie
Assumed office
22 December 2012
Prime Meenister Janez Janša
Alenka Bratušek
Miro Cerar
Precedit bi Danilo Türk
Prime meenister o Slovenie
In office
21 November 2008 – 10 Februar 2012
Preses Danilo Türk
Precedit bi Janez Janša
Succeedit bi Janez Janša
Preses o the Naitional Assembly
In office
10 November 2000 – 12 Julie 2004
Precedit bi Janez Podobnik
Succeedit bi Feri Horvat
Personal details
Born (1963-11-02) 2 November 1963 (age 56)
Postojna, Yugoslavie
(nou Slovenie)
Poleetical pairty League o Communists
(Afore 1990)
Social Democrats (1990–2012)
Independent (2012–present)
Domestic partner Tanja Pečar
Bairns Luka Pahor
Alma mater Varsity o Ljubljana

Borut Pahor (born 2 November 1963) is a Slovenie politeecian who haes been Preses o Slovenie syne December 2012. He wis Prime Meenister o Slovenie frae November 2008 tae Februar 2012.

A longtime preses o the Social Democrats pairty, Pahor served several terms as a member o the Naitional Assembly an wis its chairman frae 2000 tae 2004. In 2004, Pahor wis electit as member o the European Parliament. Followin the victory o the Social Democrats in the 2008 parliamentary election, Pahor wis appointit as Prime Meenister.

In September 2011, Pahor's govrenment lost a confidence vote amidst an economic crisis an poleetical tensions. He continued tae serve as the pro tempore Prime Meenister till he wis replaced bi Janez Janša in Februar 2012. In Juin 2012, he annoonced he would run for the lairgely ceremonial office o Preses o Slovenie. He defeatit the incumbent Preses Danilo Türk in a runaff election, held on 2 December 2012, receivin roughly twa-thirds o the vote.[1]

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