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Sky UK Limited
Teep Pay TV, Broadband, Phone an Mobile Phone
Kintra Unitit Kinrick
Availability Satellite
Foondit 2 November 1990; 28 years ago (1990-11-02)
Slogan Believe in Better
Heidquarters Isleworth
Broadcast aurie
Unitit Kinrick
Parent Sky plc
Key fowk
Stephen van Rooyen (CEO)
Umwhile names
British Sky Broadcasting Limited
Offeecial wabsteid

Sky UK Limited (umwhile British Sky Broadcasting and BSkyB) is a telecommunications company which serves the Unitit Kinrick. Sky provides televeesion an broadbaund internet services, fixed line an mobile telephone services tae consumers an businesses in the Unitit Kinrick. It is the UK's lairgest pay-TV broadcaster wi 11 million customers as o 2015.[1] It wis the UK's maist popular digital TV service till it wis owertaken bi Freeview in Aprile 2007.[2] Its corporate headquarters are based in Isleworth.[3]

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