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Silvi Vrait (1989)

Silvi Vrait (28 Apryle 1951 in Kehra – 28 Juin 2013 in Tallinn) wis a Estonie sangster an muisic teacher.[1]

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Vrait graduatit frae the Kehra Muisic Schuil in 1968 on piano.

In 1974 she graduatit frae the Tartu University on Inglis filologie an frae 1994, she teached Inglis in a seicontar schuil in Tallinn. Vrait haes coached vocalists at the Tallinn Georg Ots Muisic Schuil an aw.

Stage career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Silvi Vrait first appeared on stage in 1972 when she performit in a TV shaw, an frae 1976 tae 1983 she wis active in theatre Vanemuine in Tartu.

For bein a demandit an heichlie popular soloist in her native Estonie, shee haes toured an recordit wi the likes o Suuk an Fix, baith on cult status in Estonie. Her style varies frae jazz tae kintra an frae rock tae fowk.

In late 1980s, Vrait wis an important figur athin the Estonie airmless struggle for restorin the unthirldom, the Singin Revolution, for at least twa recordings, "Väikene rahvas, väikene maa" (Sma Naition, Tiny Kintra) an "Ei ole üksi ükski maa" (Nae Laund Is Alane). The latter wis performit bi a nummer different important muisickers o the Estonie rock scene, such as Kare Kauks, Ivo Linna, Tõnis Mägi, Gunnar Graps an mony mair besides Silvi Vrait.

Vrait haes been in quite a few muisicals, such as Gypsy (lead), The King and I (Lady Thang), Chicago (Mama Morton) an The Sound of Music (Mither Abbess).

In 1994, Silvi Vrait wis the representative o Estonie at the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Dublin that year. Her sang Nagu merelaine endit up on a disappointin 24t place, beatin anerlie Lithuanie.

Daith[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Aprile 2013 Vrait wis hospitalisit wi harn tumour an dee'd thare on 28 Juin 2013. She is survivit bi her son Siller Vrait. [2]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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