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Toun haw
Toun haw
Sig is locatit in Algerie
Coordinates: 35°31′N 0°11′W / 35.517°N 0.183°W / 35.517; -0.183
Kintra  Algerie
Provinces Mascara
Destrict Sig

Sig (kent unner the Romans as Tasacora an unner the French as Saint Denis de Sig[1] an aw) is a toun umwhile locatit in Oran Province an nou locatit in Mascara Province, northwastren Algerie. Locatit aboot 44 km east o Oran an 450 km frae Algiers, Sig is locatit aboot 29 km frae the sea. The temperaturs thare uisually rise frae Mey tae the end o August. It can reach up tae 44 °C (111 °F) an become vera hot in a desert-like terrain. Its population is ower 120,000 which is relatively heich..

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