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Shot starn

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Shot starns fawin tae Yird

A shot starn is whit is seen whan a space rock faws tae Yird. It is aften kent as a fire-flaucht or meteor an micht can be a bricht lecht in the nicht lift, tho maist ur blee. Pebble-sized or larger meteors can usually be seen frae the grund ablo, but puckle ur visible since maist ur the size ay doost. If it dings the grund, it is than cried a meteorite, an it will leave a thirl in the grund cried a crater. Maist faa intae the brine, tho. Shot starns micht can range in bouk frae lairge bits o rock tae tottie stour styms fleetin in space that daedna shape planets. The shot starns gang intae the Yird's atmosphere an begin tae heat up an brak apairt.