Shetland (TV series)

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Shetland (TV series) titlecard.jpg
Based onChairacters creautit bi Ann Cleeves
StarninDouglas Henshall
Alison O'Donnell
Steven Robertson
Mark Bonnar
Julie Graham
Componer(s)John Lunn
Kintra o oreeginUnitit Kinrick
Oreeginal leid(s)Inglis, Scots
No. o series3
No. o episodes14
Executive producer(s)Christopher Aird
Elaine Collins
Kate Bartlett
Producer(s)Sue de Beauvoir (Series 1)
Peter Gallagher (Series 2)
Eric Coulter (Series 3)
Lenth60 minutes
Production company(s)ITV Studios for BBC Scotland
Oreeginal networkBBC One
Pictur formatHDTV (1080i)
Audio formatStereo
Oreeginal release10 Mairch 2013 (2013-03-10) – present
Freemit airtins

Shetland is a BBC Scotland crime drama telly series starnin Douglas Henshall as Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez.