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Separation o pouers

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The separation o pouers, eften imprecisely uised interchyngeably wi the trias politica principle,[1] is a model for the govrenance o a state (or wha controls the state). The model wis first developed in auncient Greece. Unner this model, the state is dividit intae branches, each wi separate an independent pouers an auries o responsibility so that the pouers o ane branch are nae in conflict wi the pouers associatit wi the ither branches. The teepical diveesion o branches is intae a legislatur, an executive, an a judiciary. It can be contrastit wi the fusion o pouers in a pairlamentary seestem whaur the executive an legislatur (an sometimes pairts o the judiciary) are unified.


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  1. This latter refers specifically tae the separation o pouers intae three branches o govrenment: legislative, executive an judicial.