Scottis Naitional Pairty

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Scots Naitional Pairtie
"SNP Logo"
Leader Nicola Sturgeon MSP
Foondit 1934
Heidquarters 107 McDonald Road
Edinburgh, EH7 4NW
Poleetical Ideology Scots unthirldom, social-democratic
Poleetical Poseetion Scots unthirldom
Internaitional Affiliation Nane
European Affiliation European Free Alliance
European Pairliament Group Greens-EFA
Colours Yallae, Purpie, Black
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The Scots Naitional Pairtie is a poleitical pairty in Scotland, campainin for Scots unthirldom. It is a social-democratic pairty. Syne the Scots elections in 2007 the pairty wis in minority government in the Scots Pairlament. In 2011, the SNP wun a majority o the seats of Scotland's Pairliment. It is the biggest single pairty or bodie in Scotland campainin.

The pairty wis staiblisht in 1934 frae a comin-thegither o the Naitional Pairty o Scotland an the Scots Pairty. It won its first pairlamentary seat in a 1945 by-election (tae the Wastmeinster pairlament). Thay'v sax seats in the Hoose o Commons.

The pairty's convener is Nicola Sturgeon. She is the current First Meinister o Scotland, heidin a majority government. She is heidyin o the Scots Naitional Pairty (SNP), Member o Parliament for the constituency o Glesga Soothside. The pairty's chief in the Scots Pairlament for e nou is depute convener Stewart Hosie