Scotstoun Stadium

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Scotstoun Stadium
Stadium Track and Pitch.jpg
Location Scotstoun Sports Campus
72 Danes Drive
G14 9HD
Opened 1915
Renovatit 2008-2010
Ainer Glesga Ceety Cooncil
Operator Glesga Ceety Cooncil
Construction cost £17.5m (2008-10 renovation)
Airchitect Barr[1]
Capacity 9,708 (expandable to 15,000)
Glasgow Warriors (2012–)
Victoria Park City of Glasgow Athletics Club
Glasgow Sevens (IRB World Sevens Series) (2012-)

Scotstoun Stadium is an athletics an Rugby union venue locatit in the Wast End o Glesga.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 55°52′52″N 4°20′31″W / 55.881137°N 4.34181°W / 55.881137; -4.34181