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Glasgow Warriors

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The Glesca Warriors, ance Glesca Rugby, is ane o three professional rugby union coars in Scotland, the Embro Gunners and Mairch Reivers bein the ither twa. Tae Dizember 2005, the Warriors daffit at Hughenden (capacity 5,500), but thay hae syne flittit tae Firhill Stadium, hame o Partick Thistle Fitbaw Club. For Saison 2006/2007 thay are ance agin retournin tae Hughenden.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Glesca Rugby war makkit for tae daff in the Heineken Cup as the SRU didnae think that Scottish club coars coud pingle agin the best coars from Fraunce and England. Glesca, howsomeiver, didnae pingle in the Heineken Cup tae the 1997-98 saison.

Acause o the SRU's hie debt, acause o the redevelopment o Murrayfield cawed for retrenchment. Efter twa saisons, Glesca mellt wit Caledonian tae mak a coar tae be kent as Glesca Caledonian. Fae the 2002-03 saison the Caledonian label wis drapped an the coar were semply kent as Glesca Rugby. Stairtin wi the 2005-06 saison, the coar wis yit agin rebranded as the Glesca Warriors.

Glesca reached the semi-finals o the inaugural Celtic League but hae struggled syne. In 2004-5 thay wur fifth, the best o the three Scottish coars.

Efter a threap wi the fiars o Hughenden (Hillheid Sports Club) the Glasgow Warriors flittit tae Firhill

Seaison 2006-07[eedit | eedit soorce]

Celtic League

Warriors - Newport-Gwent Dragons 23:24 Llanelli Scarlets - Warriors 31:17 Warriors - Munster 24:13 Cardiff Blues - Warriors 27:9 Embro - Warriors 14:9 Warriors - Borders 25:0 Ospreys - Warriors 26:9 Warriors - Connacht

Challenge Cup

Saracens (ING) - Warriors 28:23 Warriors - Parma (ITA)

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