Scots fitbaw league seestem

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The Scots fitbaw league seestem is a set o leagues for Scots fitbaw teams. The Scots system is mare complicatit than mony ither naitional league seestems as it haes twa completely deeferent seestems o leagues an teams: senior fitbaw an junior fitbaw. The twa systems hae nothin tae dae wi the ages of the players involvit.

In senior football in Scotland the're twa national leagues: the Scots Premier League an the Scots Fitbaa League (that haes three diveesions). The're several regional leagues an aw (the maist weel-kennt o these bein the Hieland Fitbaa League), but there's nae regular forderment or relegation atween the regional leagues an the national league.

Rangers are the current record holders with 52 titles. Ane senior club based in Ingland, Berwick Rangers, plays in the Scots system in the Scots Fitbaa League. A smaa nummer o Inglis amateur clubs in the lowest levels o the gemme, based aboot the Anglo-Scots border, compete in the Scots system for geographical an travel reasons.