Hieland Fitbaa League

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The Hieland Fitbaa League is a league o fitbaa teams in Scotland. The league isna juist for teams in the Hielands. Maist o the teams is fae the North East neuk. It haes teams fae Aiberdeen in the east ower tae Fort William in the wast an up tae Wick in the north. The fifteen teams is Brora Rangers, Buckie Thistle, Clachnacuddin, Cove Rangers, Deveronvale, Forres Mechanics, Fort William F.C., Fraserburgh F.C., Huntly F.C., Inverurie Locos, Keith F.C., Lossiemouth F.C., Nairn County, Rothes F.C., Wick Academy F.C..