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Scots Episcopal Kirk

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Scots Episcopal Kirk
Logo o the Scots Episcopal Kirk
PrimateDavid Chillingworth,
Bishop o St Andrews, Dunkeld an Dunblane,
as the Primus o the Scots Episcopal Kirk
AssociationsWarld Cooncil o Kirks,
Anglican Communion,
Porvoo Communion,
Action o Kirks Thegither in Scotland
HeidquartersGeneral Synod o the Scots Episcopal Kirk,
21 Grosvenor Crescent,
Edinburgh (Scotland)
EH12 5EE
Branched fraekirk o Scotland
Members28,647 registered (2018),[2] 90,000 adherents in province[3]
Offeecial wabsteidscotland.anglican.org

The Scots Episcopal Kirk (Inglis: Scottish Episcopal Church; Scots Gaelic: Eaglais Easbaigeach na h-Alba) is a Christian kirk in Scotland, conseestin o seiven dioceses. Syne the 18t century, it his held an identity distinct frae the (Presbyterian) Kirk o Scotland.

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