Saunt Piran's Banner

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Flag of Cornwall
NamesSt Piran's Flag, Baner Peran, An Gwynn ha Du
UseCeevil banner Civil flag
Adoptit19th century
DesignA white cross on a black background.
(Sable, a cross argent)

Saint Piran's Banner is the banner o Cornwall, in the Unitit Kinrick. The earliest kent description o the banner as the Standard o Cornwall wis wrate in 1838. It is uised bi Cornish fowk as a symbol o identity.

The banner atteibutit tae Saint Piran is a white cross on a black backgrund. Saint Piran is supposed tae hae adoptit thir twa colours frae seein the molten tin spillin oot o the black ore in his fire. This occurred durin his supposed discovery o tin in the 6t century, sicweys becomin the patron saunt o tin miners.

Saunt Piran's Day celebrations in Penzance