Sark (claes)

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Charvet sark frae the 1930s, Norsk Folkemeuseum, Oslo

A sark is a kynd o claes that is makkit tae kiver the breest. Some sarks hae sleeves, that kiver the airms. T-sarks are a kynd o sark that haes smawer sleeves. Thae sleeves kiver the shouders. Sarks that daena hae sleeves are cried "sleeveless". The basic meisur are frae XXXL (gey lairge) (XXL XL L M S) tae XXS uised for industrial productions. Mair richt meisurs uise the neck hae indication frae 37 cm (14 in.) up tae 50 cm. Anerly sarks made by tylors tak mony meisurs intae accoont [1] for a mair fittin sark.

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