Sara Aldrete

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Sara María Aldrete (born September 6, 1964 in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico) is a Mexican serial killer kent as "La Madrina". She attendit heich schuil in Brownsville, Texas, Unitit States, while still livin sooth o the border, an gained resident alien status so she coud attend Texas Southmost College. She wis kent amang her peers as a guid student. She is 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) taw an studiet physical education, preparin tae transfer tae a university tae earn a pheesical education teachin certification.

Adolfo Constanzo, a Cuban American fortune-teller an releegious cult leader, introducit her tae witchcraft an daurk magic. He gave her the nickname "La Madrina", Spainyie for "godmither", an initiatit her intae his cult, which wis a conglomeration o Santería, Aztec warrior ritual, an Palo Mayombe, complete wi blood sacrifices. Costanzo sexually assaultit an killed drug dealers an uised their body pairts for releegious sacrifice ceremonies in an auld warehoose near Matamoros. Mony o his victims' body pairts wur ceukit in a lairge pot cried a nganga. Costanzo made Sara Aldrete seicont-in-command o his cult, an directit her tae supervise his follaeers while he wis oot shippin marijuana ower the border intae the US.

In 1989 the killins grew mair frequent an gained attention when affluent American tourist Mark J. Kilroy, a University o Texas student on Spring Break, wis abductit. Costanzo, Aldrete an the rest o the cult went on the run when detectives discovered their 'shrine'. They foond human hair, brains, teeth an skulls at the steid o the murthers. Eventually, the polis foond their hideoot in Mexico Ceety on 6 Mey 1989. Efter a shuitoot, Costanzo an ane of his accomplices wur shot an killed bi anither member o the cult, apparently at Constanzo's behest.[1] Aldrete wis convictit o creeminal association in 1990 an jailed for sax years. In a seicont trial, she wis convictit of several o the killins at the cult's heidquarters, an sentencit tae 30 years in preeson. If Aldrete is iver released frae preeson, American authorities plan tae prosecute her for the murther o Mark Kilroy.

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  1. "Leader in Cult Slayings Ordered Own Death, Two Companions Say". New York Times. 8 Mey 1989. The leader of a drug-smuggling cult that is believed to have killed 15 people and buried their bodies along the United States-Mexican border ordered his own killing when the police closed in on him, two of his companions said today.

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