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Bust inscribed Sappho o Eressos, Roman copy o a Greek oreeginal o the 5t century BC

Sappho (/ˈsæf/; Attic Greek Σαπφώ [sapːʰɔ̌ː], Aeolic Greek Ψάπφω, Psappho [psápːʰɔː]) wis a Greek leeric poet, born on the island o Lesbos. The Alexandrians includit her in the leet o nine lyric poets. Her birth wis sometime atween 630 an 612 BC, an it is said that she died aroond 570 BC, but little is kent for certain aboot her life. The bulk o her poetry, which wis well-kent an greatly admired through much o antiquity, haes been lost, but her immense reputation haes endured through survivin fragments.