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Auld fishers' cottages in Sanine, biggit wi the gaubles facin seawart

Sanine[1] (Inglis: Sandend) is a wee fishin clachan near Bamff an Portsoy, Scotland. In the late 19t an aerly 20t yearhunner it wis an active fishin commonity.[citation needit]

It is a faur ben spot fur caravaners, haliday makers an wattersport fans.

In Januar 2018, locals objeckit tae plans fur a wind ferm, the Moray West Offshore Windfarm, that wud hae affeckit the beach. In Julie 2018, the wind ferm wis shiftit forder up the coast.[1][2]

It is hame tae the Glenglassaugh distillery.[3]

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Coordinates: 57°41′N 2°45′W / 57.683°N 2.750°W / 57.683; -2.750