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San Miguel, Manila

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San Miguel

Map o Manila denotin the location o San Miguel

Ceety Manila
Population (2007)[1] 16,115
 – Density per km²
Aurie km²
 – Barangays 12
 – Cong. Districts 6t Destrict

San Miguel is a primarily middle-cless residential aurie o Manila. Malacañan Palace, the offeecial residence o the Preses o Republic o the Philippines, is locatit in San Miguel destrict. Juist ootside Malacañan Palace's gates lees Mendiola Street, the avenue whaur maist mass protest actions against the Philippine govrenment are aften held. An aw on San Miguel destrict are some colleges an varsities that shape pairt o Manila's "Varsity Belt", a aurie in San Miguel, Quiapo an Sampaloc destricts whaur maist o Manila's main colleges an varsities are situatit.

The San Miguel Kirk

Those eddicational institutions that are locatit in San Miguel destrict include San Beda College, Centro Escolar Varsity, College o the Holy Spirit, Saint Jude Catholic School, La Consolacion College an the Victorino Mapa Heich Schuil an aw. San Miguel is the place whaur the famous San Miguel Beer producit an aw, hence the name. But the Brewery biggins wur demolished efter bein transferred tae the govrenment as property o the Malacañan Palace.

Barangays o San Miguel
Name Population[1]
Barangay 637 1,172
Barangay 638 475
Barangay 639 752
Barangay 640 2,331
Barangay 641 707
Barangay 642 803
Barangay 643 740
Barangay 644 659
Barangay 645 1,709
Barangay 646 1,109
Barangay 647 815
Barangay 648 4,843


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Casa Roces

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Casa Roces is a 1930's ancestral hoose o the Roces faimily which wis renovatit an turned intae a full-service restaurant, café an a airt gallery. Casa Roces is locatit in the destrict o San Miguel, Manila richt athort Malacañan Palace, the offeecial residence o the Preses o the Republic o the Philippines. The grund floor o Casa Roces featurs a coffeehoose wi an ootdoor firthen deck, a dessert bar, an a memorabilia an accessories shop. A bar serves cocktails, wine, beer an liquor for fore-nicht patrons an aw. On the seicont floor are a bistro, a airt an faimily heritage gallery as well as private rooms decoratit wi a mix o Commonweel elegance an modren flair. The seicont floor o the hoose wis turned intae a multi-purpose dinin venue an a airt gallery.

Casa Roces wis designed in the Pre-war modrenist style wi Art Deco airticulation uisin a variety o construction materials which includes reinforcit concrete, firth an masonry. On the grund floor, the distinguishin featur is the uise o "Machuca" tile floorin which is teepical wi Commonweel era hoose. The oreeginal layoot o the rooms wur chyngit tae accommodate its new uise as a restaurant an a airt gallery.


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