San Andrés, San Andrés y Providencia

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San Andrés
Native name: Isla de San Andrés
LocationCaribbean Sea
Coordinates12°33′N 81°43′W / 12.550°N 81.717°W / 12.550; -81.717
Major islandsSan Andres
DepairtmentSan Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina
Ethnic groups20% Raizals an 80% mainland Colombies

San Andrés is the caipital o the depairtment o San Andrés, Providencia an Santa Catalina. It is situatit at the north end o San Andrés Island. The population is considered tae be aboot 20% Raizals an 80% mainland Colombies. The economy is mainly sustained bi tourism an commercial fishin. Ance a duty-free port, it still haes a relatively vigorous shoppin destrict sellin various consumer guids at bargain prices, includin Colombie gowd an emerald jewellery, leather guids an ither distinctively Colombie wares.

San Andres haes acome such a bywird for bargain shoppin in Colombie that mony touns an ceeties hae a bargain shoppin aurie kent as a San Andresito ("little San Andres").

View o San Andres Beach

Coordinates: 12°33′N 81°43′W / 12.550°N 81.717°W / 12.550; -81.717