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Headless photo of a man wearing an indigo wrapped-front kimono-like garment with trousers.
Ae samue bein warn.

I samue (作務衣) is i wark claes o Japanese Buddhist monks an nuns, worn fan engagit in samu.

Made fae cotton or linen an traditionalli dyet broun or indigo tae distinguish em fae braws, samue ur warn bi monks o maist Japanese Buddhist tradeetions performin laubour duty sic leik temple mainteenance an fiedl wark.[1][2]

In modren tims ey hiv become faur ben as general casual or wark claes. Modren-day Shakuhachi players, acause o i instrument's historeecal associe wi Zen Buddhism, whiles weir samue.

Samue ur oft warn bi mony fermers, an haim awners fan performin general yairdwirk an gairdenin tasks an aw.

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