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Salinas, Ecuador

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Salinas is a coastal ceety locatit in the Province o Santa Elena in Ecuador. It is the seat o the canton that bears its name. The wastrenmaist ceety on mainland Ecuador, Salinas is an important tourist center. Recently, Salinas wis the centre o controversy durin the contentious "mair fun, less sun," debate. It is the site o the ISA Warld Junior Surfing Gemmes Ecuador 2009. Thare are twa major yacht clubs in Salinas, the first is Salinas Yacht Club, which is a guid bit smawer than the impressive Puerto Lucia Yacht Club, in Santa Elena, in an aurie kent as 'La Libertad' which, in Spainyie means; 'The Freedom Toun'. Puerto Lucia boasts a hotel, several guid places tae eat, a private beach an apairtment block biggins, as well as the lairge marina an port, it wis developed bi Ricardo Palau.

Poleetical diveesion

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Salinas is dividit intae fower urban parishes. Thay are:

  • Alberto Enriquez Gallo
  • Carlos Espinoza Larrea
  • Santa Rosa
  • Vicente Rocafuerte


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The economy o Salinas is lairgely tourist based. Wi an average year-roond temperature o 27 °C (80 °F) an its location on the Paceefic Ocean, the beaches o Salinas are a popular resort destination in Ecuador. Beaches near Salinas include San Lorenzo, Las Palmeras, Chipipe, Mar Bravo, an Punta Carnero. Popular tourist activities in Salinas include gemme fishin, wake-boardin, watter skiin, yachtin, sky divin, an layin on the beach. The ceety affers a nummer o restaurants an cafes on its boardwalk, as well as airtisan crafts mercats. A smaw naval archeological museum wi airtifacts frae pre-Columbian Ecuador is an aa in Salinas.


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